Boutique Giovamo
Boutique Giovamo, the German online retail boutique with selected travel companions such as travel bags, suitcases and accessories from trendsetter brands that celebrate the elegance of Italian fashion.

The name "Giovamo" can be traced back to "gioia & amore per viaggiare", in English "joy & love of travelling". Giovamo embodies a modern, cosmopolitan Italian traveller.

Inspired by the Italian lifestyle Cosmopolitan. Dynamic. Progressive. The Italians are known for their fashion-forward character, high standards, ambition and attention to detail. They know how to be successful and enjoy life at the same time. Boutique Giovamo is inspired by this Italian spirit and the way of life of this iconic city.

Elegance is at the heart of traditional Italian craftsmanship. Every single piece of the Boutique's curated travel collection is a perfect result of Italian style. Sophisticated shapes, sophisticated details, elegant color combinations are key attributes that are symbiotically combined in every product. 
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This brand's logo was designed to reflect the passion and love for travel that is inherent in Boutique Giovamo.

Our design was inspired by the compasses used by adventurers to orient themselves during their travels. We also used the compass rose as an inspiration, and to convey the love for travel, we used the heart as the symbol of love.

From the heart, which guides our feelings and emotions, we created the Boutique Giovamo's pictogram.​​​​​​​

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