The Client:

APHROLOGY is the world’s first smart beauty company. Like smartphones, their products are packed with many features. But better than smartphones, their products can automatically and continuously adjust features to adapt to each individual user’s needs.

By combining the functions of multiple products into one packaging and making each function much more efficient, APHROLOGY allows users to enjoy a dramatically simplified user experience, along with 10+ times higher active ingredient efficacy.

The seamless integration of various features and the drastic improvement in efficiency are made possible by their patented smart delivery system, Smart Capsule. Developed by a group of Harvard-trained researchers in the fields of materials science, supramolecular chemistry, biomedicine, chemical engineering, and artificial intelligence, Smart Capsule is built with technologies previously only used in cancer treatment, precision medicine, genetics testing, and drug discovery, where high efficiency and extreme precision are required. This system allows APHROLOGY to redefine what is possible for beauty.

Why Elle Visual:

In creating this logo, I was inspired by the Venus de Milo and a phrase I found profound and important. “If we really want to be immodest, we are kind of like the god of beauty”. My plan was to create a monogram as well as a pictogram. 

To make a strong connection between the logo and the name, I have stylized Aphrodite using the letter A, which is the first letter of Aphrology. As inspiration for the pictogram, I used a few lines from the Venus de Milo. 

The pictogram should communicate beauty, responsibility, professionalism, and seriousness by combining sinuous and authoritarian elements. It is my goal to convey these emotions to the pictogram.


Brand Identity, Logo Design, Print Materials.

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