Insureflow is a comprehensive, cloud-hosted insurance distribution, underwriting and administration platform designed to solve problems, drive growth and deliver innovation. 
Founded in 2017, Insureflow was created to resolve our long-term frustrations with insurance technology in the market.
The Insureflow solution delivers a business focused, customizable, intelligent platform for building, distributing, underwriting and administering insurance products and schemes.
Our goal was to symbolize the past and the future by using lines. In this choice, we want to demonstrate to people that their business can change for the better, and their future will be brighter with the company's help. 
Moreover, we used different lines to recall and emphasize the flow, but also create a kind of digital fingerprint that represents the brand's customized services.
Logo Design and Branding, Print Materials.
Agency: Elle Visual  |  ​​​​​​​Instagram  |  Email  |  Website  |  My Mockup

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