Certosa Di San Martino

Logo​​​​​​​ Design

We created a symbol based on the countless arches seen inside the building that tells the story of a location that can be spotted anywhere in the city, making us feel at home just by its presence. 
With a logo that works even when separated from the logotype, the goal is to create a dynamic identity capable of immediately drawing the observer to the museum.
Tradition and modernity are incorporated into the brand. The logotype is made up of 95% Montserrat, and the letter & emphasizes the bonding concept. 
In addition to expressing change, the color scheme (M: 100% Y: 100%) evokes tradition while expressing newness. 
While the old organization of the museum still exists, the new identity provides a fresh perspective that is captivating and immediately accessible, therefore increasing the number of people that are able to learn. Moreover, pictograms used for branding preserve brand identity parameters in order to give visitors a sense of continuity.
Business Cards
Museum Signage
Museum Book

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