Nirvana Underwriting
The Client
Nirvana Underwriting is a service-driven, underwriting-first, specialist MGA with offices in London and Barcelona, and the company is looking to build the next generation of MGA.
Nirvana Underwriting is a customer and service-focused specialist business that goes the extra mile to deliver creative and innovative solutions to mitigate its customers' key business risks. As an underwriting MGA, the company aims to deliver sustainable and differentiated underwriting business to its capital providers.
Why Elle Visual:
Acknowledging the critical link between brand identity and market presence, Nirvana Underwriting entrusted Elle Visual to design its entire branding and visual identity. They sought to ensure that their branding not only reflected their commitment to sustainability and innovation, but also set them apart in a competitive landscape.
Logo Design and Branding, Print Materials.
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The goal of the company is to become one of their clients' most trusted points of reference and to ease their lives by providing peace and tranquility. As a way of emphasizing their mission, they chose the name "Nirvana".
As a result of our research, we have been able to create a pictogram which can invoke a sense of balance and peace of mind. The dots were chosen to represent the individual's journey of growth and were arranged in a circle to symbolically recall the yin and yang symbol.

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