The Client

At Symbionics their vision is to unlock a future where human capability and creativity are no longer limited by physical constraints. To achieve this, they are developing next-generation brain-computer interfaces that seamlessly integrate humans and machines. Engineered with a focus on unparalleled safety and stability, their system surmounts two major challenges that have constrained previous BCI solutions. Their technical breakthroughs pave the way for real-world applications that were once thought impossible.

Imagine a world where neurological disorders are not just managed but conquered. Envision people with mobility impairments regaining independence through intuitive, thought-controlled prosthetics, transforming their daily experiences. Picture a daily life where your interaction with technology — whether it's sending a message, adjusting your home environment, or navigating your car — is as effortless and natural as thought itself.

This is the future Symbionics is building.

Why Elle Visual

The project's objective was to create a brand identity that would emphasize Symbionics' intellectual property and work. I created a pictogram using the letter S and modified it until it looked like a fingerprint, emphasizing Symbionics' creation and work. Each semicircle ended with a circle, creating a connection to the world of sensors​​​​​​​.


Brand Identity, Logo Design, Print Materials.

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